Project List

Programming and Master Planning
Project List

  • Miri Piri Academy
    Masterplan and Programming for
    International School Campus
    Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial
    Competition for Concept Masterplan
    Mumbai, India
  • Smithsonian Institution, Arts and
    Industries Building
    Revitalization and Concept Design
    On the Mall, Washington, DC
  • Henry Street Settlement
    Arts Center & Residential Tower Study
    New York, New York
  • York Avenue Residential Tower
    Concept Design
    New York, New York
  • New York City Public Schools,
    Intermediate/High School
    for School Construction Authority
    Programming and Feasibility Study
    District 43, Queens, New York
  • California Fox Theater
    Masterplan for Expansion and Restoration
    San Jose, California
  • Santa Fe Opera Master Plan
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Residential Development Plan for Dosti
    Thane, Mumbai, India

Project List

  • Masterplan for a Comprehensive
    Makeover of Maharashtra Nature Park
    and Mithi River
    Mumbai, India
  • Smithsonian Institution
    Central Chilled
    Water Plant (Unbuilt)
    On the Mall, Washington, DC
  • Campus Street Lighting
    Panjab University, Chandigarh, India

Miri Piri Academy Masterplan and Programming for International School Campus

D Radheshwar Architect
Damyanti was invited by Miri Piri Academy, a private Sikh religious school in Amritsar, India to prepare program and masterplan for its expansion. It was important to understand the religious practices followed by the Sikh community as well as the Academy’s aspirations to attract students from all over the world. On this 13 acre site, central to the campus layout is its pride, soccer field, and “Gurudhwara”. Agricultural fields adjacent to the campus supply wholesome organic food to the school kitchen. The world famous “Golden Temple” is only 6 miles away. The students are provided transportation to the temple where they perform community service and learn humility. Teachings of humility are at the core of Sikh religion.

The Women’s Building

The Devi Group was shortlisted in the global competition for concept design for The Women’s Building, that will realize a groundbreaking transformation of a former women’s detention facility into a pioneering center for the global Girls’ and Women’s rights movement.

Masterplan for a Comprehensive
Makeover of Maharashtra Nature Park
and Mithi River

Consortium of global professionals that included SNK Architects, India; D Radheshwar Architect; Cecil Balmond, UK; Anuradha Mathur and Dilip daCunha, UPenn and several others.

The Multi-disciplinary consortium prepared a masterplan and concept design for an environmentally sensitive makeover in the Maharashtra Nature Park and a pedestrian-and-cyclist bridge over the Mithi River. The context of this competition is shaped by plans to clean the Mithi River, to develop the Bandra-Kurla Complex, BKC, and by the future urban renewal of Dharavi- India’s most prominent informal settlement.

The proposal by the consortium was shortlisted.

Madison Center
36th District Court House

Previous work as Project Architect with Gruzen and Partners Architects

Size: 32 Courtrooms

Renovated and revitalized existing unused Hudson Department Store in downtown Detroit, a 6-storied building to house a courthouse that handles more than 500,000 cases a year.

United States Embassy

Previous work as Senior Project Architect with Polshek Partnership Architects

Size: 70,000 Sq. ft.

A barren stretch of beachfront between the Bay of Oman and the Hajar Mountains provided the dramatic site for this United States Embassy.
A double-walled perimeter system, whose outer screen wall is polychromatic stone banding, affords both sun control and security. State of the art security features were seamlessly incorporated to create a safe environment for the worker as well as the visitor while being welcoming and hospitable.

Pahlvi National Library

Damyanti worked with Virendra Girdhar and a group of like-minded architects on International design competition for the design of the National Library in Tehran, Iran.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Memorial Competition for
Concept Masterplan

Design Collaboration between Somaya Kalappa (India), James Stewart Polshek and D Radheshwar Architect submitted concept for masterplan for Ambedkar Memorial. Dr. Ambedkar’s is the most recognized name in India, second only to Mahatma Gandhi. The site of the memorial on Arabian Sea beach in Mumbai transforms a Brownfield with now defunct cotton mills closed for over 3 decades into a 12 acre stepped public plaza for gatherings, recreation, meditation and introspection. Tucked below the Plaza are interstitial spaces with Theater, Amphitheater, Library and Buddhist Research Center, and public amenities.

Smithsonian Institution
Central Chilled
Water Plant (Unbuilt)

Previous work as Associate Partner with Polshek Partnership Architects

During the design of the National Museum of American Indian the Smithsonian Institution wanted to create a central chilled water plant to serve the mall museums. Polshek Smithgroup, Joint Venture, prepared schematic design studies for an underground location near Air and Space Museum. The project would have required removal and reinstallation of Delta Solar, public artwork after building the project three levels below ground.

The New York
botanical Garden
plant Science Center

Previous work as Associate with Polshek Partnership Architects

A 70,000 Sq. ft. addition to the original Museum Building houses a new state-of-the-art Plant Studies Center, comprised of herbarium that holds over 7 million preserved specimens in a high density storage system in environmentally controlled spaces, library and study rooms in a new wing that expands the original domed Beaux Arts structure built in 1902. The new Janet and Arthur Ross Gallery and Lobby serves as the primary entry to the new facility and as a lobby for the existing auditorium. The project also includes the restoration of the building’s central domed space and the renovation of the northern wing of the Museum Building’s top floor as the new LuEsther T. Mertz Library. The design of the new building is formally and materially integrated with the turn-of-the-century building.

University Campus Street
Lighting Design

Previous work as Project Architect at University Construction Office, Chandigarh, India

The university campus designed by Pierre Jeanerette was work in progress when Damyanti joined from 1967 to 1970. Task of street lighting design required establishing security parameter and light levels within circulation hierarchy, pedestrian, vehicular, primary, secondary etc., researching available products and efficiency levels, performance, product cost, installation, maintenance and long range energy costs. Design and layouts for phase one were completed in 1970. A mock up followed and finally phase one installation was completed in 1972.