San Francisco, California

Damyanti’s involvement, in addition to leading the project team and communicating with the client, included participating in a four way negotiations and consensus building with the design teams for the adjacent developments, Convention Center Expansion, Yerba Buena
Gardens, Center for the Arts Gallery and Theater, built atop of the Moscone Convention Center Expansion, all sharing utilities, structural systems as well as facilitating emergency exits from the sub-terrainian convention facility. Success of the project is evident (22 years after completion) in its popularity with the public, user and its great appearance due to good
design, careful detailing and execution in construction. The program for this flexible, state-of-the-art public theater includes presentation of drama, dance, film and experimental works. The design celebrates and manipulates the primary relationship between the two principal volumes of the stage house and audience chamber forms the central theme of a design in which each additional program element was defined as a distinct and readily identifiable form to be assembled additively. Most materials were sourced from the local Bay Area manufacturers and fabricators. Precast concrete panels embedded with locally made ceramic tiles further enhance the definition as well support the acoustics and sound isolation.

This project became catalyst in energizing the derelict areas in South of the Market district in San Francisco and played role in revitalization of the city.